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    as doers with outstanding achievements, together we embrace infinite possibilities

together we create infinite possibilities

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    career development

    we have built a complete management/professional dual-channel development system to provide employees with diversified career growth paths. employees can choose a certain channel for vertical advancement from their own abilities and personal career planning, and become experts in a certain professional field or managers of leading teams

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    talent development

    we attach great importance to the integration and development process of employees. by providing a variety of training courses and resources, we help new employees quickly integrate into the team and become qualified for their positions, help current employees quickly improve their professional and management skills, develop their core competitiveness, become the best in their positions and create outstanding contributions

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    remuneration and benefits

    we provide employees with competitive salaries and benefits, devote ourselves to creating a healthy and safe working environment, and adopt performance bonus system and equity incentive system to reward the hard workers with timely and reasonable needs. we are convinced that employee promotion and benefits are closely related to the company's operating conditions and personal performance contributions

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    we encourage a diverse and inclusive cultural atmosphere, welcome employees with different backgrounds and experiences to join the company, expect diverse teams to bring continuous innovation and competitive advantages. we respect individual differences of employees, and are committed to providing each employee an equal and fair working environment

living in luxshare

in luxshare, there is more than just work. in luxshare, we have diverse pursue

  • summer class

  • parent-child class

  • voice of luxshare

  • voice of luxshare

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    luxshare cup

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    luxshare cup

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    luxshare cup

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    basketball match

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    family day

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    family day

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    women's day

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    vietnam sports competition